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Various historical pictures & photograps of Hundon courtesy of The Hundon History Society. With special thanks to Chris Edwards, Brian Bolland and Len Caton

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The History Society of Hundon - with grateful thanks.
A 'beehive' quern dating from the Iron age or Roman found at Thicks Farm. Only 80/90% of it remains. It was used to ground the flour for former recidents of our valley. Quern making was an organised industry in Iron Age and Roman Hertfordshire.
Part of "Suffolke defcribed". A map of 1610 
Hundon in 1611 With grateful thanks to the W H Smith Museum
Great Lodge Deer Park in 1611 With greatful thanks to the W H Smith Museum
Hodskinson's map of Suffolk 1783
Hodskinson's map of Suffolk 1783 (detail)
Map from 1916, It is possible that Steeplechase terrace may have been for sale at that time. submitted by Alan Sergeant
Ordnance Survey map of 1840
Detail from Ordnance Survey map of 1840
This is a newspaper article about the Cock Inn at Scotch green in 1840 submitted by Alan Sergeant
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A map of Hundon in 1891
A sketch map of Hundon in 1909 submitted by Alan Sergeant
1939-1945 A map of the area taken by the Luftwaffe showing Hundon airfield and the village
1939-1945 A detail from the Luftwaffe photograph showing the village
House & Chimney at Babel Green about 1900 from Alan Sargeant
Family & bicycle at Babel Green about 1900 from Alan Sargeant
The reverend & Mrs Gipps outside the vicarage about 1900
1900 to 1905 a composite showing two pictures of the village postman
The old post office in Church Street at the beginning of the 20th century. 
The cottages in the picture with the postman were between the thatched cottage, still there but not thatched, called Green Tye and what is now the village hall car park.
Early 1900s
Picture postcard taken from Pinhoe Hill marked 1904
Another view from Pinhoe Hill. The Titt Wind Pump (see below) can be seen to the right of the church tower
About 1905 clearly showing the Thatchers Arms pub sign
Hundon Church about 1905. Arathusa Vernon's Monument House can be seen to the left of the nave.
Smiths Corner about 1905. This is one of the series taken by Mr. T. Stokoe who had a photographic studio in Clare
Church Street about 1905
1905 Looking South down North Street
1905 The Red Lion Inn
This photograph of the school looks quite ordinary. You can see a little Edwardian girl in the doorway. But to the right of the school you can see the dilapidated gable end of a house which doesn't appear in any other photo, suggesting that this shot predates any of the others.
1905/06 Hundon School Class II
1905 Church Street seen from the Church tower
1907 Hundon Village Shop
1906 Another view of the Hundon Village Shop. There is a poster that reads "Clare Operatic Society's performance of Hiawatha's Wedding Feast. June 1906. In the shop window there is a sign for "Ovum Poultry Sauce"
1908 The Red Lion
1910 The Rose & Crown
1910 Another picture of The Rose & Crown
The Rose & Crown in 2005!
1912 Hundon School mixed group of Class 1
1913 The Church
1914 The church after the fire
1914 Another picture of the church after the fire
1926 The Church. The Arathusa Vernon's Monument House which was in the 1905 picture above has now gone!
1916 The Plough Inn, Brockley Green
1926 The Cock Inn. (according to the sign above the door) was run by Alfred Beavis. "Cock Green" or "Scotch Green" (depending on which map you look at) was a sizable hamlet with two pubs (the other was the Red House) and a blacksmiths.
1926 The School. This is one of a series which was taken by a photographer who turned up from Essex and parked his car outside the old post office in Church St. The number plate read HJ-1609 registered in Southend-on-sea
1933 Street Farm. Bertrum Clarke is on the right with children
1939-1945 Hundon Auxiliary Fire Service which operated from a shed in the grounds of Thatcher's Hall. The names of most of the fireman are shown
1958 Foxhounds in Hundon
1958 Foxhounds in Hundon. The boy is Joe Montgomery who spent holidays at Great Lodge farm.
1958 Foxhounds in Hundon. The boy is Joe Montgomery who spent holidays at Great Lodge farm.
1950 The White Horse
Early 1950's Church Street
With thanks to Charmaine Simpson (née Witherford)
Early 1950's Hundon Stores
With thanks to Charmaine Simpson (née Witherford)
Early 1950's Hundon Stores (2)
With thanks to Charmaine Simpson (née Witherford)
1960 Village stores with Charmaine Witherford, lady and young boy were relatives of ours, my mum Joy Witherford and dad, Ralph Witherford..
With thanks to Charmaine Simpson (née Witherford)
Village stores. The photograph of the shop assistants was taken in 1960 -  left to right looking at photo, Vera Cutts, Dulcie Moore, Ruby Gowers and Lynda Witherford (my sister).
With thanks to Charmaine Simpson (née Witherford)
Hundon FC 1960/61. Click on image to get larger picture with names. Please advise if there are any errors
Charmaine Simpson has just advised us that the missing name on the front row is Tony Lee
Unfortunately most of the following pictures are not dated, if anyone can help in this respect, please let us know
Cottage opposite the the school when it was 3 houses with corrugated roof. With grateful thanks to Gill Shepstone
The Fire Brigade
The Hundon Mill

The "Titt" Wind Pump on North Street on the way to Hundon Hall. Historically this engine type is an important and rare example of a transitional design in wind engine technology between the earlier annular sailed windmills of which no example survives and the 20th Century fixed blade galvanised wind engines the "prairie type" wind pumps.
The pump was named after its designer John Wallis Titt 1841-1910. There is still a thriving agricultural engineering company in Frome Somerset bearing his name

The Wind Engine which was tended by William George Pryke and we assume he is shown in the picture. With thanks to Peter Rowlinson for the picture

Wedding picture of the Pryke and Haylock family outside the Hundon Post Office. 1924
Hundon Steeplechase previously known as Smiths Corner. Date unknown.
The School House, North Street. With thanks to Peter Rowlinson for the picture
Hundon from the School Tower. With thanks to Peter Rowlinson for the picture
Hundon Chapel -This was converted into a private house in 2003
A colour photograph from Pinhoe Hill
North Street looking South. The Red Lion pub sign is just visible. Date unknown
Mr William Pratt, the first Headmaster of Hundon School
An early picture from Church Street. Date unknown
The monument to Arethusa Vernon (1691-1728) prior to its demolition in 1984
A view from Pinhoe Hill in the snow