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Hundon is a very attractive village in the West Suffolk countryside with many amenities including the village shop, two public houses, (the Rose & Crown) in the heart of the village and The Plough at Brockley Green. Large playing fields cater for football, cricket and many other sporting activities. The village hall holds regular events which attracts many visitors from outside. These can be seen in the 'What's On' section of the village website at

Information Available from Hundon Parish Council

Hundon Parish Council members as at
Wednesday 28th September 2016

       Geoff Spooner (chairman)
        Helen Ballantyne (Vice Chair)
        Cllr, D. Nimmons
        Cllr, J. Basham
        Cllr, J. Mayes
        Cllr, P. Impey
        Cllr, A. Proctor

Parish Council Meetings

The date of the next meeting is

21st June 2017 at the Hundon Village Hall Social Club at 7.30pm.


Other Information

Agenda for meeting of the council at 7.30pm on Wednesday 21st June 2017 n the Social Club @ Hundon Village Hall HERE

Annual meeting of the council 17th May 2017 HERE

Minutes  of the meeting 19th April 2017 HERE

Agenda for Wednesday 19th April - Annual Parish Meeting - HERE

Minutes of the meeting held on the 15th March 2017 HERE

budget for the previous month HERE

Minutes of meeting held on the 15th February 2017 HERE

Agenda for the meeting 18th January 2017 HERE

Approved minutes of November's meeting HERE

Agenda for the meeting held on the 14th December 2016 HERE

Minutes of meeting held on the 14th December 2016 HERE


Hundon Parish Council  
Receipts and Payments for the Year 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016  
  Bank Balances at 1st April 2015  
  Community Account   11,050.56  
  Business Account   15,753.72  
  Receipts   Payments  
  Year 2015 to 2016 Transactions          
  Community Account   (12,289.84)   16,112.91  
  Business Saver Account   (13,556.16)   5,594.59  
  (25,846.00)   21,707.50  
  Bank Balances at 31stMarch 2016     Closing  
  Community Account     7,227.49  
  Business Account     23,715.29  
  The above statement represents fairly the financial position of Hundon Parish Council  
  at 31st March 2016 and reflects its receipts and payments during the year.  
Clerk and RFO



The Hundon Parish Clerk:

Sue Button,
Hundon Parish Clerk,
Oak Cottage,
Lower Road,
CO10 8DZ.
Telephone 01440 786271 mobile 07711969103.





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